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Pinterest Pair No.001


Every once in a while I’ll come across two images I’ve Pinned that go perfectly together.  Today was such a day.

left image: http://www.pinterest.com/paigerussell01/good-s-adventure/
right image: http://www.pinterest.com/paigerussell01/good-s-idea-food/

Paige Russell + Other Brother Olive Oil

other b

My good friends Evan and Ben of Other Brother olive oil, ordered some of my small dishes for their event tastings.
I stopped by the Bluxome Street Winery event this weekend to see them in action (read: try the tastiness).

They make the most delicious olive oil going and have mad style. I highly recommend their Picnic Kits as presents this holiday season.

picnic kit



20% off everything at www.paigerussell.com!

Muzo caribou collection for blog

To celebrate the return of Müzo Collectibles, we’re having a 20% off EVERYTHING SALE at www.paigerussell.com until 9pm tomorrow, Sept. 15th! Enter code: hello caribou.


Müzo Sighting!!

muzo woodAfter taking an especially long Southern walk about where they got an amazing tan, the Müzo are back!  This time they are ALL WOOD, ALL THE TIME!! Keep  your eyes on my webstore as they graze their way to availability in the coming weeks…

Horsing Around

Why no one thought of this sooner is a big mystery to me, but I’m so glad that South Korean designer Eungi Kim ponied on up!

A shortlisted entry in the Seoul Cycle Design Competition 2010, organized by Designboom and the Seoul Design Foundation, Horsey is an after market attachment that is supposed to fit on any bike. The idea may not be overly practical, but that wouldn’t keep me from getting all giddied up and pedaling off into the sunset.

This gets 3 our of 4 high fives from me!

via Fossil Blog

Ikea UK invites 100 cats over to play…

I heart me some good creative thinking. And cat stampedes. (happy sigh)
Have a great weekend everybody!

via NADIA! via icanhascheezburger

FONTastic!: A Field Guide to Typestaches

Happy Fontastic Friday everyone!  What an excellent way to help us get to know our fonts, non?  Manifested by San Francisco based art directorTor, this great visual representation of the marriage between design and pop culture makes me dream of my favorite mustachio-ed men… (which I never mind doing)

Let’s see, I think my long time love Tom Selleck (aka Magnum, P.I.) is a classic Chevon and can’t be represented with any of the above brackets, but a young and super dreamy Sam Elliot is definitely rocking the Mr. Century Ultra.  And as much as I don’t really love being on the receiving ‘smooch’ end of a big ol’ mustache, I do appreciate the man-ness of them and wouldn’t kick either of these fellas off ma’ lips that’s for sure.

For more Tom Selleck magic be sure to check out this goodness here.

via Submitted for Your Perusal viafast company

A/V: Timber Timbre

I love checking out how bands interpret their songs visually with their videos. Sometimes it fits for me and sometimes, it don’t.

When I went hunting just now for a video for the lovely ‘Lay Down in the Tall Grass’ by Montreal’s Timber Timbre, I came across someone else’s visual interpretation of the song and I think it’s a very nice fit. Beautiful colors and perfectly lazy subjects. ‘Lay Down’ has a Screamin’ Jay Hawkins ‘I Put a Spell on You’ vibe that is perfect for my grey skied, but productive work day. Dig it.

(For the full song and other Timber Timbre goodness, I recommend buying their album.)

Gimme!: DIY Cabin in the Woods

This sweet & tiny forest pad belongs to lucky ducks Mariah Morrow & Ryan Lingard.  It measures in at a miniscule 130 square feet and yet seems to provide room enough for all things necessary for a cozy, marshmallow toasting getaway.

To see more photos and get the full story on how this little nesting nugget came to be, click here.  The story was photographed for Sunset Magazine by the talented Tom Story and written by Laura Dye Lang &  the very sweet Miranda Jones.

I had the pleasure of meeting Tom, Miranda, and 3 other talented Sunset folks (Jess, Ebby, & Sue) when they came up to photograph a story with me a couple of weeks ago.  More to come on that sooooon…  for now, I’m shouting out a big ‘Gimme!’ to THIS story’s star!

Studio News!: Paige Russell + Fossil

It’s finally time to reveal the super secret project I was so busy working on this spring…   A STONEWARE PLANTER for FOSSIL!!

Fossil teamed up with four of their favorite artists specializing in vintage-inspired art forms.  Each artist was asked to create one original work using their favorite media that illustrates what LONG LIVE VINTAGE means to them.  I was lucky enough to be included!

Fossil has been re-imagining the coolness of bygone eras for a good long while now – clothing and accessories that offer up some high style ‘past’ pieces in gorgeous & thoughtful new ways!

(Their website is amazing and fun to go wandering around in!  Especially their FOSSIL.LIFE.STYLE section.)

I’m deeply in love with the Mid-Century aesthetic, so for this project I went straight to the classic chairs from that era for my inspiration.  After a bunch of noodling around with my sketch book and plaster wheel… voila!

To see a video of my process, click here (from this main page, click (gently please) on my face).  And once you’ve had enough of watching me use my exacto knife, please check out the amazing work of the other 3 very talented artists/designers that were also part of the LONG.LIVE.ART project, Dolan Geiman, Hatch Show Print, & Yellow Owl Workshop!

(Note: Residents of the U.S. have an amazing opportunity to enter a contest to win a custom letterpress poster by Hatch Show Print! You can enter on their artist page from the above ‘video’ link. Contest ends Sept. 18th, so hurry and enter now!)

IN STOCK TODAY! Standing proud at 6″ tall, this little guy holds a standard 4″ potted plant and would be delighted to help support your great indoors!  (He would also be equally excited to hold your pencils & rulers…) Now go on, click here to get one (or five…) of your very own!

A huge high five to the Fossil team for the opportunity to work with them.  It has been one of my favorite design experiences to date!  (Thanks guys!)  And a special extra low ‘five’ for Micah, my patient and hard working contact!